Special Thanksgiving Update
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Thank you

Thanksgiving is always a special time for me. It connects me with my loved ones, and gives us time to reflect on how thankful we are. Though far from home, I will celebrate with family and friends .

This year, I will be thinking of those who are also far from home, but not so fortunate, including thousands of refugees currently traveling through unknown lands, trying to stay warm as winter sets in.

At Translators without Borders, we are working hard to make their lives a little easier. Every day, we mobilize three “Words of Relief” Rapid Response Teams, for Arabic, Farsi and Greek, to translate critical, factual information that can impact their lives every day. We also rapidly translate basic information for new arrivals in Greece, helping them understand their rights as well as their responsibilities as visitors in a foreign land.

Whether it is a ‘hello’ in Arabic or information on ferry strikes in Farsi, communication in the right language matters. It is core to identity and a sense of well being. When we respect a person’s right to information, we empower them to help themselves through tough times.

I also will be thinking about the incredible team that is Translators without Borders. Our volunteers are amazing. We have our Rapid Responders to thank, but also the thousands of volunteers who give thousands of hours each year, translating critical health and educational material for children in the Amazon, mothers in Somalia and villagers in Nepal.

Next week we will send an appeal for donations as part of the annual Giving Tuesday. But for now, I just want to say thanks. Thank you volunteers, sponsors and supporters: We could not increase access to knowledge without you.

From my home to yours,

Deputy Director
Translators without Borders

New arrivals on Lesbos read our work in four languages
to get vital information.

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