Translators without Borders
Nepal earthquake update

May, 2015

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Another quake rocks Nepal

A second significant earthquake yesterday reminded us that Nepal needs our ongoing support. Please donate now to help Translators without Borders (TWB) provide continued translation and information services.

Again, language matters

Following the earthquake in Nepal in late April, TWB once again highlighted that language matters and that communication is aid.

News of the earthquake reached TWB almost as soon as it happened on 25 April. We immediately issued a request for translation volunteers and activated a Rapid Response Team.

That team, comprised of more than 25 professional translators and bilinguals, has been working to ensure that locals affected by the disaster have access to timely, accurate and understandable information.

“Translation really matters," said Andrew Bredenkamp, Chairman of the Board, Translators without Borders. “Aid organizations need to communicate with local people in their native language. In the foothills of Kathmandu and in the surrounding villages, there are many people who do not speak English and it is these people that have been badly affected by the earthquake. The TWB translation team is delivering aid by enabling the flow of critical communications in the native languages of Nepali and Newari.”

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