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General Update

August, 2014

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A Major Milestone…and You

Around this time last year TWB had translated a total of around 10 million words. We thought that was a pretty good effort. But we challenged ourselves to make it 20 million words within twelve months. Thanks to your amazing support, we are about to reach that target. The counter on the home page of our website will show you when we reach twenty million words.

Twenty million. To give it some context, that’s the equivalent of around forty copies of Tolstoy’s War and Peace. That’s a lot of words. It has only been with the commitment, support and effort of our volunteers and donors that we have been able to provide such a phenomenal level of language support to communities in crisis.

The demand for our service is increasing, so naturally our need for your ongoing support is also increasing. Please encourage your translator colleagues to volunteer with us, or become Supporting Members. Or, if your organization would like to become a Translators without Borders sponsor, we would love to hear from you.

Let’s push that word counter even higher and give Tolstoy a real run for his money.

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