This powerful photo essay is from the book “Hungry Planet”. It shows food expenditures for one week for a typical family in various countries of the world. If you click on the photos, you’ll see an enlarged view.

UK: $253 spent on food per week

Japan: $317 per week


Italy: $260 per week

Mongolia: $40 per week

Chad: $2 per week

Kuwait: $221 per week

USA: $342 per week

Mexico: $189 per week

China: $155 per week

Poland: $151 per week

Egypt: $68 per week

Ecuador: $32 per week

One thought on “Photos of a Week’s Worth of Food Around the World

  1. This is great Lori. Scary to see all the junk food in most homes. The people of Ecuador and even Chad seems to be eating much healthier than all other countries. You should try to cover more countries 🙂

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