You ask me what my people need. I will tell you. We need water for our people.

Water is the most important thing. If you don’t have potatoes you can eat arrowroot, but if you don’t have water, there is no substitute.

Mangoes growing

With water everything comes. With water we can grow food for our people. With the time they save looking for water they can do some income-generating activity instead.

With good water we no longer have water-borne diseases.

We don’t have a water problem in Kenya. We have a water MANAGEMENT problem.

Collecting rainwater from the roof

We could harvest water from the roofs of schools and churches if we had the containers.At the African Brotherhood Church we  support what water projects we can, but it is

very important to us that the initiative comes from the community so it is the beneficiary who owns the project. They need to have buy in to the project and manage it if something breaks down.

But of course we have to prioritize the projects that are requested.

Transporting water is a daily activity

If one village has to walk 15 km to get water, and another village only has to walk  5 km, we will not say the second village is as much of a priority.

One thought on “You ask me what my people need. I will tell you.

  1. Clean, drinkable water is something we don’t even think about. It is available and inexpensive, it is easy to take it for granted.

    And then we read about people who need to walk 15 kilometers to get it, and all of a sudden the world feels different and what was worrying us half an hour ago has suddenly become embarrassingly irrelevant.

    The inner bond that connects us to all humans wakes up for a moment and we feel pain, and shame for a while, and then this little fire goes out again.

    We should keep this fire burning. We should move from “I feel sorry for those in need and I feel I am a good person because of this sorrow” to the next stage of “I feel sorry for those in need and I feel I should do something about it”.

    This is still short of real action, but at least it is a step closer to action.

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