Trip to See African-Run Aid Projects, November 13-28th

On Saturday, November 13th I land in Nairobi with Peter and Becka Kenward, Wendy Brown, Sean Graham and Richard Cook.

Lukenya Getaway

Our hosts in Kenya will be the African Brotherhood Church, which, despite its name, was formed to empower women. They will be showing us their community initiatives.

Religious organizations play an important role in African aid. In many African countries, up to 40% of the health care is provided by religious umbrella groups. This is also the case in education. Being with a local group will give us the chance to see aid projects run by Africans themselves! I feel so privileged to have this opportunity.

Our itinerary as it looks today

13th – arrive Nairobi

14th –  orientation at Lukenya Getaway (above)

15th – head to Machakos first thing in the morning, courtesy call on Bishop

– visit Agricultural Demonstration plot

– visit fish farm (microcredit project)

– night at Tea Tot Hotel in Machakos

16th – travel out to Kaiani (Guardians of Hope and Clinic) meet with members of Guardians of Hope group

– travel back to Mitaboni, see Marilyn Lakes, water purification project, and EKIC (meet with some students and faculty)

– night at Tea Tot in Machakos

17th – Meet with government official responsible for Machakos area, hopefully District Commissioner or District Officer

– Meet with ABC Development staff in afternoon; visit to Kyangundi to see weir and agroforestry project. Since it will be school holiday, we may be able to meet and interact with some of the child beneficiaries

– night at Tea Tot Hotel

18th – Travel to Sultan Hamud, spend night at Miriam Village Hotel

19th – work on weir in Kyandue

– night at Miriam Village Hotel

20th – work on weir in Kyandue

– night at Miriam Village Hotel

21st – Church in Kyandue (Triza or Judy to arrange)

– back to Miriam Village Hotel for a break and spend the night

22nd – travel to Thange (clinic and GoH)

– return to Machakos

– night at Tea Tot Hotel

23rd – to Kalimani Go groups (mostly elderly caregivers in this team, working borehole as well).

– Meet Peter Nzuki, head of schools for ABC, to talk about ABC’s schools and overall education program as well as issues related to access to knowledge in Swahili

24th – Travel to Vyulya, see weirs and impact on community, meet ladies’ cooperative group

– night at Tea Tot Hotel

25th – Travel to Nairobi

–  night at Ranch

26th – debriefing at Bannister’s house, lunch with Bishop

27th – off to airport

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